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  Patient Testimonials

Dr. Jenny Chen had been recommended to me by another dentist, and I must say that was the best recommendation I have ever had!  She has helped me with my crowns and fillings and her work is impeccable!    I absolutely love my new teeth and cannot stop smiling!  They are beautiful!  Obliviously she knows what she is doing; her professionalism and work ethics are outstanding.  She is a “bright light” that brings joy to many people.  It’s an honor for me to be her patient and I highly recommend her to everyone.  You can’t help but feel her joy when you walk into her office; it’s a reflection of who she is.
From the bottom of my heart,  thank you for everything you have done for me.
Christine Babinski


Dr. Jenny Chen was recommended by a very fine dental surgeon. She did a marvelous job of making a full upper denture for me. She knows exactly what she's doing, why, and perhaps most importantly, how to make it work well. This was an especially difficult case but Jenny made the denture fit the first time (one fitting, no adjustments!). It looks and feels perfect. 

Jenny was kind, gentle, and extremely professional through the entire process, and made every effort to get the denture finished as quickly as possible. She was forthright about cost and the time involved. I would recommend her enthusiastically.

By the way, her office is lovely and bright, and outfitted with the latest equipment.

Henry W


Dr. Chen,

I just wanted to thank you again not only for doing such a wonderful job, but also for making yourself available under such a short pressure of time. I can't thank you enough. You do amazing work. I

hope to bring you some additional patients in the future. Enjoy the New Year, best of luck to you. See you again.


Christine C

p.s. My mom is going to love the picture!


Doctor Chen has made me feel as ease and I look forward to seeing the wonderful results she is achieving with my crowns. Her staff is very accommodating to changing my appointments to meet my hectic schedule. 


Adrienne G
I highly recommend Dr. Jenny Chen. Her work is stellar. My teeth look much better and are in much better health thanks to her. Dr. Chen is a perfectionist. She also knows how to give excellent anesthesias, and I trust her hand and eye coordination! She is very warm, intelligent, vivacious and knows how to stay calm and precise under pressure and to keep a steady hand and the finished product (my teeth and mouth) is excellent.


Elouise Brown

Meeting Dr. Jenny Chen has changed my life forever.  She is one of the best in her field.  Thanks to her and the amazing job she did putting my implants, my life is back to normal. My teeth are so natural looking and feeling words cannot explain.  I get so many compliments on my smile.  If I had to do this over and over again, I would do so.  Further, I would chose it over a house, a car and anything else of measureable value because it is well worth it.  It is so good to be able to not only look beautiful and to be able to smile, but to eat anything at anything without a worry in the world. because my implants have such a natural look and feel.  Dr. Jenny Chen's work is superb, and it has made a monumental difference in my life and she will forever be my friend.  I WILL BE SMILING FOREVER.   

Dr. Jenny has been my friend and my dentist for years, and she is a wonderful professional and a wonderful friend.  She has replaced my fillings, fixed my husband's cracked tooth, and is always most interested in her patients, not just herself.  She went to the top post-doctoral residency in the USA, but she talks to me just like a regular person.  Well, maybe because I am a blonde. :-)
You will be in great hands with Dr. Jenny!!!


Pauline L.
San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend Dr Chen as she is an exceptional prosthodonist.  She is not only skilled in her craft, but also has a keen eye for the aesthetics.  

Under her care, I now have three functional and comfortable crowns as well as brilliant front teeth that are actually veneers.    We spent countless hours together as she worked to perfect my bite and smile.  I definitely appreciated her efforts to combine her professional opinion with my preference and comfort level.  With Dr Chen's expertise, I can now ... truly smile.

Jamie L.
San Francisco, CA

Jenny Chen DDS is a prosthodontist, which means she works on cosmetics, implants, and retorative dentistry. IE teeth lost in accident or you just got sick of your crooked front teeth. She worked on my front upper left tooth, she did the fitting for it four years ago, after I lost the whole tooth when my bicycle bumped into a pole, and my tooth went "crack!"

1 extration, 1 implant surgery later (to put in the root portion)I was referred to dr Chen.  she is extremely patient and tried her absolute best to fit me and make sure the new tooth matches the rest of my teeth.  (plural teeth! ahh!!!)  It feels so good to not have to wear that darn plastic set again.  

Dr Jenny is very skilled at what she does, and she is a very nice person who doesn't treat you like you are just another set of body that needs dental fixing.

I am glad to have my life back and so far....4 years later, my implant is still looking good. Else you would see my photo with a hole in my mouth, that won't be nice looking would it?


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